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bullet 01.01.2011
We at BHAMBRA wish everybody a happy and prosperous new year
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Bhambra Engineering Works
237/K, Manicktalla Main Road
Kolkata – 700 091. India
Phones:+9133 23523439
Fax: +9133 23523559
Bar Peeling Machines
Working Principle: The bar to be peeled is supported between an entry guide and steady rollers. The cutting tool is mounted in a cutter head which in turn is fixed on a revolving spindle. The bar to be turned in moved by feed rollers against the revolving cutter head.
bulletModel Capacities of Peeling
Electrical Details
MODEL: TM-15 KW / RPM / Volts
Motor for Cutting Head: 11 KW/1500 R.P.M./220 V D.C.
Motor for Feeding Gear Box: 2.2 KW /1500 R.P.M/220 V D.C.
Coolant Pump Motor: 0.18 KW./2800 R.P.M/415 V A.C.
Hydraulic Power Pack Motor: 0.75 KW./1500 R.P.M/415 V A.C.
Control Panel: Centralized operational console with interlocks
All electrical accessories are of Kirloskar/ Siemens/ L&T or any best make
Technical Specification & Construction of the machine:
» Head Stock: This is a rigid casting containing a revolving main spindle driven through ‘V’ belts and shifting gears from the main motor. A cutter head is fixed to the main spindle. The head is designed to hold a cutting tool and also rollers for polishing the work. The spindle speeds can be varied by means of changed gears.

» Feed Gear Box: This is also a rigid c asting. The feed rollers are operated by a motor through ‘V’ belts and worm gear. The rollers feed the bar against the revolving cutter head. The feed rate of the bar is varied through dimmer stat. All the shafts are mounted on bearings. Worm and worm gears are oil lubricated and bearings and gears are grease lubricated.

» Bed: This is a cast iron base on which the feed gear box and head stock assemblies are mounted. The main motor is fixed on the left rear wall of the bed and feed gear box motor on the right rear side of the bed. Passage is provided for the chip and coolant flow.

» Cutter Head: This is a cast steel part. To thiffs, three polishing rollers (HCHCr) and one carbide tool are fixed. The entire assembly is bolted to a face plate which in turn is threaded (clock – wise) to the main spindle. The cutter head will rotate with the main spindle while the bar is fed longitudinally.

» Coolant System: Constant flow of mineral based cutting oil is splattered on cutter head to cool the tool and rollers.

» Input & Output Carriages: For supporting and preventing the rotation of the bar, input and output carriages are provided with the machine
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